• Lennart Andersson

This is the new FormD site!

Please take a look at our new site. It is intended to work as a platform to not only show the work of FormD. It's purpose is also showing how we can transition today's buildings into smart buildings that help us understand their current utilization. We believe that the foundation to smart buildings is the concept of the digital twin; a twin created by combining the very latest technologies in regards to reality capture, automated practices and the creation of the spatial database. The future of smart is not depending on that every device in a building has to be smart and interconnected; but rather how the physical building can be augmented through mobile tech such as phone, tablets and other wearable. We are at the beginning of a transformation that will transform not only operations, but also the imagination and execution of the new.

The work shown on this site has been scanned utilizing advanced rapid high-definition scanners. It's done in a way that enables 1/16" local accuracy and the global accuracy within 3/8". The combination of billions of points and high definition cameras create a form of 3d photography that captures not only the precise geometry but also the soul of the buildings. Utilizing BIM driven reality capture plugs the data into the building where the process of scanning is the first step in building the database. This interlinked geometry and datasets enables an understanding of a building that was very difficult to acquire. This evolved BIM is the backbone to the future of buildings.

Please let us know what you think about our site and if you have a facility that you want to move into the 21st Century let us know!